We produce the suitable tools. With the specialized software we have developed, we are able to support you in the setup of your complete project, starting from the layout of the tool, down to the manufacturing process of the gear wheel.

Diamond profile rollers for generating grinding

  • For every generating grinding machine available on the tool market
  • single-cone and twin-cone discs
  • combined dressing rolls for the use in single-flank and dual-flank dressing
  • optional with CVD edge reinforcement

Diamond pre-profiling dresser

  • for pre-profiling of ceramical worm wheels
  • with CVD edge reinforcement
  • available in all common shapes and sizes up to Module 16 (special versions upon request)

CBN profile grinding discs

  • Ø30-300 mm (˃300 mm upon request)
  • external and internal toothing for use in passenger cars/trucks/aviation and turbine industry
  • for rough grinding and finishing operations up to M16