We manufacture electroplated CBN tools in constantly high quality. CBN enjoys a significant advantage over diamond as grinding material in terms of its thermal stability. Diamond suffers massive loss of hardness at about 700°C, whereas the hardness of CBN remains almost unchanged even at above 1000°C. Like with diamond, also the cutting edges of the grinding particles on electroplated CBN tools are re-sharpened in use continuously by grain breakage.

Electroplated CBN discs are most suitable for preparational machining operations in serial production. The main advantages are:

  • No trimming (and therefore no additional costs)
  • Cost effectiveness through multiple re-coating of the same tool body
  • Enormous abrasive performance

We manufacture:

  • Form-grinding discs for use in automotive and mechanical engineering
  • Grinding discs for use in machining of blades and finishing of any profiles
  • Profile discs for deburring and rough grinding
  • Special grinding discs for the use in medical industries